Agro100 Póma

0-0-0 WITH 6% CA



Póma is a liquid nutrient designed to prevent and treat calcium deficiencies by foliar or radicular assimilation. Calcium is fixed in the plant and, therefore, applications must be aimed toward growing tissues (young leaves and fruits) that are more susceptible to calcium deficiency. Calcium is essential to maintain the structural integrity of cells. Calcium applications prevent physiological disorders linked to calcium deficiencies: bitter pit in apples, tip burn (marginal necrosis) in lettuce and cabbage, blossom-end rot (apical dehydration) in tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, blackheart in celery, cracking in citrus fruits, prunes and cherries, coulure (shatter) in grapes and olives, etc. It must be used based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. Póma can also be sprayed by airplane.


  • Calcium complexed with organic acids and its formulation is chlorine- and nitrate-free
  • Tensioactive agent (droplet distribution)
  • Damping agent (evaporation restriction)
  • Adhesive agent (anti-washout)
  • Penetrating agent (passage of mineral elements through the leaf wall)

density 1.130 kg/L

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