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We specialize either in business and technical expertise consultancy. Our consultancy and advisory work is principally split into two distinct but interrelated areas:

Technical consultancy – providing specialist advice on agronomy, nutrition, livestock, the environment and conservation, waste management and other technical applications.
Business consultancy – involving business planning, personnel management and estate and financial management advice for agricultural businesses and farms. Our Consultants and advisers are aware of the business and legislative implications of their advice. The broad areas of specific competence in which the consultancy assignments are taken up by North America Naturals consultancy are feasibility studies, project formulation, appraisal, financing arrangement, project management and monitoring, concurrent and impact evaluation, restructuring of business units, vision documentation, development administration and reforms, institution development and turnaround of financial institutions, policy and action research studies, exposure visits and capacity building and training.

Technical specialists focus on a particular area, such as pollution control, forestry consultancy, or crop rotation. Whatever the specialisation, the ultimate aim of an agricultural consultant is to balance the commercial viability of agricultural land with sustainable development.




  • Providing expert opinion for planning appeals and litigation.
  • Mushroom farms, hygiene improvement test and growing advice.
  • Preparing new or modified operational strategies and business plans.
  • Organizing and conducting field trials to find solutions to clients’ problems.
  • Writing advisory leaflets, technical notes and possibly press releases and articles.
  • Researching and keeping up to date with any relevant developments in agriculture.
  • Visiting clients to identify and evaluate their business and/or technical requirements.
  • Formulating solutions, planning and organizing trials to assess their effectiveness.
  • Collecting and analyzing data, crop yield and financial reports to measure performance.
  • Undertaking administrative duties, managing budgets and accounts, updating information.
  • Market Potential, Growth, Competition, Market Share Analysis and other Market Research activities.
  • Helping clients meet the requirements of legislative regulations concerning quality, hygiene and employment.
  • Preparation of Business Strategy, Business Plan; Carrying out Cost-Benefit & Risk Analysis for the organization.
  • Designing produce supply chain systems and supporting the infrastructure for processing, storage transport.
  • Assisting clients with business planning, planning applications, government grant applications, legislative advice and new business ventures.
  • Analyzing project and operational costs and the benefits resulting from existing or proposed public amenities and leisure locations.
  • Consulting an organization about suitability / demand of their products/services in the new market / geography of interest.
  • Planning and implementing improvements for the client such as using more effective pest control measures or finding more efficient ways to keep and feed livestock.
  • Organizing presentations, demonstrations, training and farm walks for clients, colleagues, partnership organizations, professional bodies and other interested groups.


Investors, Farmers, Growers, Landowners, Public bodies, Conservation organizations & Other agricultural businesses in manufacturing and services.

  • Preparing Reports
  • Making Presentations
  • Giving Demonstrations
  • Conducting Land Valuations
  • Writing Technical Publications
  • Measuring, Analysing and Interpreting Data
  • Advising on Compliance with Current Legislation
  • Visiting Farms to Conduct Analyses and Collect Data, such as Crop Yield
  • They offer support and solutions to their clients to ensure their business or enterprise is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • North America Naturals Inc. has experienced specialists with relevant qualification in soil/earth sciences, agriculture, horticulture, crop/plant science, hygiene and mold control or animal science.


Company provides specialist advice and technical services to the industry. The clients include growers, industry organizations, pack houses, marketers, regional and central government. North America Naturals Inc. provides consultancy advice to a range of grower and packer clients and provides analysis services for these clients as well as industry organizations, marketers and government. Fruition Horticulture provides crop loss assessment services for industry and private insurers.

North America Naturals conducts applied research as a integral component of it’s consultancy business. This research provides clients with an independent and confidential review of new technology. It also supports our consultancy advice by ensuring the company is at the cutting edge of technology.

The company has always focused on the quality of the products and services. We are determined to follow well-defined quality policy. We have also hired highly-experienced team of quality auditors to perform various tests on different products.

Our Strength: We are a research-based organization, which allows innovation and new techniques to satisfy the customers.

Our strength lies in the following factors: Quality offerings, Association with reputed vendors, Wide distribution network & Timely delivery.


  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Professionalism
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Intelligent use of New and Existing Technologies
  • High Performance, Goal Focused & Holistic Advice
  • Practical, Personal & Evidence Based Communication
  • Improving Environmental Performance of our Grower Clients




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Health Products






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