NAN Waterless Coated Grass Seed



  • 10% Bermuda grass
  • 10% Lolium perenne ULTRA
  • 10% Poa Pratensis BROOKLAWN 
  • 35% Festuca arundinacea BROCKTON 
  • 35% Festuca arundinacea SC-1

Coated seeds represent an enormous advance and can be applied to all kinds of seeds. It allows for a safe controlled and easy sowing. The advantages of this advance in seed technology can also be applied when sowing mixtures. Coated seeds can be used to advantage in extreme conditions and in challenging regions. Seed technology is the future. Our latest method of coating with its unique Water Absorbing Seed Process allows for seeding in more extreme conditions, and with minimal cultivation with a reduced irrigation requirement.


Effects of Bio-Stimulants:

  • Vitality
  • Healthy seedlings
  • Lower susceptibility to diseases 

Humic acids as a part of the seed coating 

  • Enhanced nutrition uptake
  • Faster germination
  • Quicker establishment
  • Promotes root development 

Wasp-water absorbing seed process

  • Water reservoir (absorber) placed around the seed
  • Absorber takes in 100 times porewater than non-coated seed
  • Additional water for germination and establishment of the seedling
  • Overcomes stress situation 

Seed Coating With Humid Acid

  • Seeds 

The treatment of the seeds with diluted humate solution stimulates the cell membranes as well as the metabolic activities and increases thereby the germination rate.

  • Roots 

The capacity of the root to take up nutrients is in- creased by using humic acids.

  • Plant growth 

The plant development increases by enhanced cell assimilation and photosynthesis

Bio-Stimulant And Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterium in the Seed Coat

Advantages Of Using Bio-Stimulants

  • Quality of the plants and growth will be increased
  • Reduction in the susceptibility to pests and diseases
  • Use of fungicides can be reduced
  • Treated plants show an increased root-growth
  • Harmless for humans, animals and the environment
  • Efficient and economical usage




Rhizobium (Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterium)

  • The seed is inoculated and coated
  • The coat protects the bacteria from UV-light and high temperatures
  • Bacteria are viable and mature during storage
  • Seeds can be stored up to a year without harming the viability
  • Bacteria are placed close to the seed and reach the young roots of the plant, when N-Fixation can start




Save Water With Coated Seeds

WASP ( Water Absorbing Seed Process) is a unique seed-coating technology  which provides the seed(ling) with additional water and nutritious elements from the very beginning. This innovative seed coat includes a water absorber, which ensures permanent humidity and a fast and safe germination. The additional water helps the seedling especially under dry conditions.

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