Premium Grass – 10KG

Sowing Rate 40 g/m2

Pest and Disease
Free Premium Mix

NPN: 00000000



This mixture is a high quality lawn seed mixture contains a wide selection of species and varieties which makes it adaptable to all areas and can be used in many different areas, and with adequate care will result in a bright green & enjoyable surface for lawns, parks, and playgrounds for children and sporting events. Of course some care must be maintained, including fertilizer and watering, and appropriate mowing.


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10% Lollum Perenne ESQUIRE
25% Lollum Perenne FANCY
15% Lollum Perenne ULTRA
10% Festuca Rubra Rubra MAXIMA 1 10% Poa Pratensis BROOKLAWN
20% Festuca Arundinacea BROCKTON 10% Festuca Arundinacea GREYSTONE

Treated with Thiram

Additional Information
Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 20 in